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Friday, 3 December 2010

Thankful Friday

Friday My Town Shoot Out – Thankful

The theme for December 3rd is, in general, what are people most thankful for in your town?

This can be a variety of meanings to everyone. This could be a person, an event, a building, what a group of people are doing in the town, gifts to the town,  etc.  Or personally, what are you most thankful for in your town.

Definitions of Thankful ........

a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive

feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative


There are a lot of things in my town to be thankful for. For me, I think it is a combination of a lot of different things for which I am most thankful. So for this post, I made some collages. (For the location of the town, see map at the bottom of the post.)

2010-12-03 Thankful9

We’re thankful for the river. Without it, the town would not be what it is.


2010-12-03 Thankful10

We’re thankful for the textile/fashion industry heritage, and the textile museum.


2010-12-03 Thankful

We’re thankful for the art museum, the theatre and the library.


2010-12-03 Thankful4

We’re thankful for the open air museum, and other buildings with interesting architecture.


2010-12-03 Thankful11

We’re thankful for some beautiful parks.


2010-12-03 Thankful12

We’re thankful for recent sculptures by world famous artists; and for musical events.


2010-12-03 Thankful13

When we’re not busy complaining about them, we’re thankful we have a hospital
(also including a hospital museum, and quite a few pieces of contemporary art);
and a choice of means of public transport: railway and busses and roads.
We’re also only about an hour away from an airport, and the coast,
and the second largest city in the country (Gothenburg).


2010-12-03 Thankful14

We’re thankful that the town is surrounded by beautiful nature and places of historical interest.

Map picture


Camella Black said...

Beautiful photos and town! What a wonderful idea to make collages and I love the map idea, it is a great addition as I would never had any idea where you were.

Bagman and Butler said...

Sweden has always peaked my interest. Now it peaks it even more! Great shots. Great sense of humor and creativity among your sculptors. What a great idea to put a bust in a river!

Sandra said...

thanks for the map. you are truly blessed to live in a town like this one and you have a lot of things to be thankful for. we do not want to live in our town but no way to move because the economy will not let us sell our house. we did not intend to retire here. but there are things i am thankful for, first is the convenience. i rarely go more than 3 to 5 miles from home, everything we do is about 2 miles from us and i like that. we have beautiful beaches 10 minutes away and most of the time great weather and NO snow.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Wow, these are gorgeous pictures. Your town is beautiful and I love the river. Great post.

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

That was beautiful. I am, also, glad you included a map. I was so glad I found the little video I did for my town since I rained and snowed all week and I did not get any new photos. I have always been intrigued by Sweden. My orthopedic surgeon is from Sweden. I was just sick when he left Kentucky to go to CA. His name was Yasar. Blessings

Ginny said...

What a great post that really lets us know more about where you live. I see you are not too far from Denmark, as well. I have always loved your town. Because even though I've never been there, I really have been there through your wonderful posts. It looks like the best kind of place to live and I have always been delighted by the culture and art. You have everything! I love the way you've done your collages in categories, and the very cool map!

Ann said...

how exciting to live in a textile area. I watch the designer competitions, and wow at how clever how some of them are.

Mersad said...

Such an amazing are. Love the last collage with the photo of the forest. You should definitely devote a separate post to that image if you haven0t already.

Pauline said...

Such beautiful photos of your lovely, lovely town. A wonderful combination of old and new. Love the Non Violence sculpture and the light amongst the trees and over the water. Add my thanks to the others for the map - great idea!

Jama said...

Such a beautiful town, thanks for sharing them with me.

dianne said...

Such wonderful photos of your town and surrounds, yes you do have so much to be thankful for.
Thank you for sharing these with us.

xoxoxo ♡

GingerV said...

visiting Sweden this morning was a pleasure. one of the sculptures is pinochio, I thought he was Italian?

Your town is beautiful.

DawnTreader said...

GingerV: The Pinocchio sculpture was made by American artist Jim Dine. It was paid for by private donors. There was a lot of debate about it beforehand. One of the reasons was the fact that Pinocchio had very little to do with our town. By now, however (2½ years later) I think we've kind of got used to him and accepted him... ;)

J9 said...

What a beautiful winter setting, and the parks look magnificent!

Doreen said...

fabulous post Dawn!! you have really put some work into this. thank you for being so caring and creative.


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