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Friday, 26 November 2010

Favourite Shops

 Friday My Town Shoot Out

DSCN3382   DSCN3380-1

My favourite tea shop.
They also sell coffee; but I am a tea person...


Besides tea and coffee, they also offer other temptations
to go with it: Bread, biscuits, chocolate, candy…



   DSCN1949A   DSCN1948A

Whether you’d like to buy someone a gift, or the materials to get busy yourself,
this arts & crafts shop is a good place to start looking for inspiration.



DSCN0211-1   DSCN0212-1

“HeartRoom” - a shop for interior design and garden decorations.
A place to go if you’re looking for that “little extra”.



My town does not really have a “main street”.
There are several streets lined with shops in the town centre.
Today the town square was all set up with extra Christmas market stalls.
(Old town hall/district court in the background. )




ADRIAN said...

The last shot of the market is really inviting. Makes me want to shop and that takes some doing.

Bagman and Butler said...

My goodness! What an interesting place to shop. It might even make me overcome my general aversion to shopping.

NanU said...

Yarn! oh, I miss a good yarn shop where you can touch all the colors and pick out something really fun to knit.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I'd be in soooo much trouble in the Yarn Shop! Would love to try some of the coffees, and chocolates, too! The outdoor markets....brrrrrrr...but a fun place to shop. Wonderful photos!

Sandra said...

I am loving all of this, and i mean ALL of it, what a wonderful place to do a walkabout with a camera or even without. love the Kaffe and Tehandel. I knew from those words it was coffee and tea. a wonderful shop. i bet it smells divine in there. i saw the cinnamon sticks and I can almost smell them. there is so much to look at. love that castle thing to

Ginny said...

This is MY kind of post!!! Shopping is my favorite thing to do! Today is called Black Friday. That is because it is the day after Thanksgiving and the second most shopped day of the year. Deals are incredible and people stand in lines all night long in front of the stores. Many are opening at 3 A.M. Crowds and traffic are amazing, but we always like to go out shopping on this day every year, just for the hustle and bustle and fun!! We make a day of it and eat out as well. Today we are home sick, though. If we feel up to it, we may go out a bit just locally. Now you probably knew all of this anyway. But how cool that you posted this shopping post on Black Friday! Now even if I don't go anywhere, I can say I went shopping in Sweden today!!! I have been looking closely at everything, and I need to get a cart now, will you help me carry my purchases?

Pauline said...

What beautiful, fabulous shops you have. Even someone who doesn't enjoy shopping would be happy looking at them I think. Terrific Art & Craft shop, I could be tempted there.

Doreen said...

cute shops Dawn! the photo that caught my eye was the three tier container with the cherries, oranges, sticks sitting on a chair. great shot!

Jama said...

The shops look so inviting! I love it when the shop owners allowed photography , most shops here would give a stern warning!

spiritsoflena said...

I bet the tea shop smells really good. I enjoyed your photos--these look like great places to shop.

dianne said...

What a lovely post, your town looks so interesting. Yes I can see why they are your favourites, its nice to have tea or coffee and treats in a lovely shop like that. I would spend a lot of time in the Arts and Crafts shop, all of those lovely yarns, textures and colours and I love browsing in places like "HeartRoom", so many great things to be found and your town square looks delightful, so much fun to be had shopping at Market stalls.
xoxoxo ♡

J9 said...

Looking at the shots of the tea shop, I can almost smell how wonderful it must be inside, on a cold morning - mmmmm!


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