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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Yet Another Narcissus


Just as I thought I had the daffodil/narcissus definitions more or less sorted out, I ran into this one!  It is the exact same shape as the yellow ones I think of as daffodils (Swedish påsklilja=Easter lily). See the middle picture in the collage in the previous Narcissi post. But - this one is all white!!! (In my mind a White Daffodil rather than a typical Narcissus!) I give up… (LOL)


Ginny said...

Our Easter lily is white. But it's not a jonquil. I would assosciate white with Easter much more than yellow ("Wash your sins as white as snow, white is innocence, etc.) What is the yellow connection?

DawnTreader said...

Ginny, I'm pretty sure the reason why - in our country - we call the yellow "trumpet-like" narcissi "Easter" lilies is simply because they were the first to appear, around Easter. (March-April) The white ones with coloured middle, that we think of as Pentecost lilies, go into bloom a bit later. (April-May)

Also remember that here in the North, winter is long, dark, cold, and covered in white (snow). In the spring, around Easter, is when light, sun, and colour come back into the world. Yellow spring flowers like the yellow daffodil SCREAM sunshine and colour and rebirth of nature at us in a way that white can never quite compete with. This is not symbolism
thought out by clergymen; it's rooted in the hearts of common people.


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