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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Apple Blossom

2010 05 29_appletree

In the park area surrounding the buildings where I live, there are lots of different kinds of trees.
Some of them are crab apple trees, with small apple-kind of (sour!) fruits in the autumn – and lovely white blossoms in the spring. This time of year, dressed in white and fresh green, they give a crisp, dreamy, almost breathtaking kind of beauty… And in the autumn they bring a sense of ripeness even if we don’t eat their fruit.


Ginny said...

This collage is beautiful! We have apple blossom trees in town, pink ones, also, and I agree that they are just beautiful, so many blooms and so dense.

dianne said...

Beautiful blossoms, such a lovely collage to display them. xoxo ♡

Sandra said...

they are really pretty, i tried a crab apple in Kentucky when i was a child and WOW are they sour. so much beauty to bring out the litle fruit and worht it all. no apple trees at all here in FL, they need seasons and we dont have them.


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